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Wrestling With Recruiting

To all you student-athletes who dream of playing sports in high school and college, I am here to help.

I attended a ski academy for high school and then played three varsity sports in college. I have been coaching since I graduated. Sports have been an integral part of my life, education, and career.

Playing sports helps us build confidence, a sense of self, and resilience. We build rapport and relationships with coaches, teammates, and opponents. We learn how to recover from calls and decisions with which we don’t agree. We handle painful disappointment. We also learn how to navigate the highs with grace.

Athletics is part of many educational journeys.

Oftentimes student athletes hope to be recruited, but gaining the attention of coaches can be difficult. The trick is to communicate early and often. Send highlight reels, emails, updates, schedules, and school information. If possible, attend clinics and camps and tournaments. Communicate with current coaches for feedback and letters of recommendation. Make contact with admissions offices so they are also aware of your interest. Check GPA and test score ranges to see if your academic profile matches the school’s.

Coaches often don’t have time to come to you - you need to go to them.

Finding the right fit, academically AND athletically, is crucial. The educational climate and requirements of a school should be well researched and understood, as well as the coach’s philosophy and the team culture.

Having a teammate and advocate in the recruiting and application process is irreplaceable. My services support athletic aspirations and ensure a competitive and well-crafted application and set of essays.

As always, my mission is to support students in their goals and help them put their best foot forward.

Questions for student athletes to consider:

If you stopped playing your sport, would you still want to be at that school?

Do the team’s core beliefs and values jive with yours?

What is the off season training schedule? What is the weekly training and travel schedule?

Does your academic record meet the school’s requirements?

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