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Communication is The Key

My sister (who is one of the most loving and thoughtful people I know) recently attended a Zoom presentation by TeenLife. The topic was summer and gap year resources, and the presenters included a list of skills that employers value and seek. At the top of the list was communication skills.

This can mean a lot of things: verbal communication, body language, written voice, timeliness, tone, word choice, spelling, grammar, clarity, concision, and more.

What TeenLife identified is that communication skills are highly desired by employers and are equally hard to find. In an age where ChatGPT is on the rise and English majors are on a decline, I find TeenLife’s findings heartening. There is a demand for clear communication, and I believe that no matter how much our world changes, this demand will remain.

How we treat each other is closely tied to how we talk to each other. Likewise, how we present ourselves to others is reflected in our verbal and written voices. Communication is paramount in our relationships, our learning, our growth, and our challenges. What TeenLife aptly presented was in reference to employment but the value of this skill is expansive.

In the world of school applications, clear communication is paramount. Applicants are asked to correspond via email, phone, and Zoom conversations. The interview is replete with questions aimed at getting to know you but that you must, in most cases, answer on the spot. The essay and short answers are your chance to communicate and showcase your personality and experiences. All of this, if done with poise and clarity, can make the difference.

My goal is to provide practice, feedback, and guidance to help your voice ring clear and true. Communication skills are crucial in any admission process, but these are also lifelong tools that impact relationships and outcomes.

Let's find our words together.

And, check this out - you won’t be disappointed: TeenLife

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