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Why Write Your Essay With Meg?

I am a reader, a writer, an athlete, an educator, a mom, and I am so excited to introduce Cider Hill’s college and independent school application essay support.

My cornerstone as an educator has always been personal connections and relationships. With these in place, confidence builds, curiosities deepen, and learning happens. My college and independent school essay guidance comes from years of experience with students and a keen sense of what the admissions process requires. Applying can be a daunting undertaking, and my goal is to ease anxieties by collaborating to craft a competitive, compelling submission.

Everyone has a story and successful essays will show the writer’s quirks, nuances, struggles, and personality. For this reason, the opportunities are exciting and boundless…and potentially overwhelming. Our early sessions will focus on getting to know each other, brainstorming potential topics, and selecting a prompt. From there, we will tackle the writing, revision, and editing.

I aim to bolster each client’s growth and achievement through personalized support and feedback.

Contact me and let's get started!

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1 Comment

Jan 28, 2023

Meg - I love your website… the blog is very helpful…

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