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Let’s Support Students AND Teachers

I was in a coffee shop in Connecticut over the weekend and I stumbled on this article: "Online Tutors Helping Students: CT school district finds free 24/7 program also benefits teachers." It was in the Hartford Courant on Jan. 17, 2023 and written by Alison Cross.

It recounts the positive impact of free online tutoring; I love that this school district initiative is in an effort to support students AND teachers.

We need more of this.

I loved teaching English in a classroom, and I am now committing myself to one on one tutoring. Why? To support students AND teachers.

My goal is to meet student needs and give them my undivided attention. This could be on vocabulary words, a grammar rule, something they are reading in class, a project, or a writing assignment. Putting students at ease and giving them a private setting in which they can ask their questions and take risks builds confidence and skills. Asking for help in a bustling classroom can be tricky and intimidating - but in a one on one setting, some of this anxiety is alleviated. In a tutoring session, students can practice and take their time. They are seen and heard.

Teachers are amazing. They make the world go round. They are booked and busy and there often aren’t enough hours in the day for them to complete what they want to complete. This is where I can help. Through teacher - tutor communication I will know exactly what the student needs, which gives the teacher the assurance that their student is receiving solid, effective support. I can supplement and reinforce the content and skills being taught in the classroom; private tutoring provides the time and space to bolster learning.

Thank you to this Connecticut school district for addressing a very real need.

To all of you incredible students and teachers out there, I am here to help.

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Feb 01, 2023

This article makes sense to me… in the classroom it is difficult for some students to raise their hand suggesting they need a bit of help… establishing a relationship with a positive, energetic tutor may erase the barrier to asking for assistance.

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